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Jan 20, 2011   //   by dhairya   //   Musings, News and Updates  //  No Comments

Dear Friends,
I am delighted to launch this blog on behalf of the MK Gandhi Institute, to extend our conversations to include you.

This extraordinary technology gifts us with the ability to face some truths together, truths about our time that are so daunting that they need to be borne and witnessed in community, however virtual. In the US, a truth we need to face is the growing likelihood that our commitment to military expansion can no longer be halted by the democratic process. Consequently, poverty and the violence that accompanies it is growing in many communities. Pressing issues of structual injustice go unacknowledged. Meanwhile, climate change is accelerating, no matter how much it is ignored in the media and by most leaders.

In this blog you will see posts from myself and other Gandhi staff. We hope you will accompany us as we look back to nonviolent leaders and movements for inspiration–the big guys like Gandhi and King as well as extraordinary heroes who are more obscure, such as Abdul Ghaffar Khan– and as we look forward, interpreting this rich legacy for its applicability to our lives, work and projects.

We need to know others are with us, arm in arm, to give us courage to gaze at the daunting issues of our day. If this blog offers a sense of community or shared values or inspiration to you, let us know. If we miss the mark, let us know. We dedicate the merit of this blog to each of you reading these words, searching for answers.

in peace and hope,
Kit Miller

Language, Nonviolence, and A Culture of Peace

Jan 17, 2011   //   by dhairya   //   Musings  //  No Comments

‘No culture has devised a means for talking without highlighting some things at the expense of others’
Edward T. Hall The Silent Language

During a recent workshop at the Gandhi Institute, a group of students spent time looking at the war and violence embedded in everyday language. We looked for war-like language in the areas of sports, politics, business, entertainment, and common expressions. In 10 minutes, we discovered dozens of phrases—from ‘spearheading’ a project to ‘killing a bill’. Several people said they felt shock at seeing how commonly these words appear.

Does it matter that English, rapidly becoming the lingua franca of the world, has hundreds of phrases where war and violence are invoked, however unconsciously?

I have been trying to rid my language of violence for years, a work in progress. I do it as an awareness practice, as a nudge to stay conscious of the power of words on my mind, relationships, and actions.
Language is not a neutral vessel; it is a mold that shapes the way people think and act.

Kit Miller

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