Indrani Singh

As an ecologist, educator and spiritual activist, Indrani views the world through these
three lenses. Since 2004, her ecological adventures have led her through the Southern Sierra
Nevada in California, various parts of South Africa including Kruger National Park, and the
concrete jungles of New York City. She has worked on a variety of topics from elephant
contraception to plant diversity in urban community gardens. Indrani’s early desire to serve as a healer led her mind to pursue ecological research to mend the earth and our relationships to it. Her heart had other plans and took a few detours.

Indrani found embodied and somatic practices instrumental in her own healing journey,
and during one of her ecological data collection trips to South Africa Indrani became a certified yoga teacher and later a meditation teacher. As a spiritual activist, she is committed to the pursuit of conscientious living and sharing that experience with others. She has taught yoga and meditation since 2011 to a wide range of age groups in a diversity of settings, from fifth graders in Cape Town’s township schools, to retired staff at Cornell University.

Another detour led Indrani to dive deeply into equity work and eroding oppression
across lines of citizenship, class, disability, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation and other
divides. She has worked in various settings to support individuals and groups through their
journeys of identity development. Indrani has a talent for and truly enjoys facilitating
reflections on how our identities and histories influence how we relate to each other and
coaching individuals to show up as the people they truly want to be in the world. Indrani is
known for her ability to connect; connecting people, connecting across different ideas, and
connecting people to ideas. She is also an architect, in that she thinks about the bigger picture and provides structure and framework to projects.

With the strategic mind of a scientist, and the sensitivity and intuition of a healer Indrani
bridges the world of personal transformation and justice. Through her journey so far, Indrani
has found the common thread and healing solution has been one of spirituality, mindfulness
and love. Indrani believes that the key to transforming our relationship with the natural world and each other, is healing our inner lives – the stewardship and liberation of the earth, society and our selves are intertwined and one cannot happen without the others. Learning from Robin Wall Kimmerer, Indrani appreciates that there are some aches even the wisdom of plants cannot heal, for those we need each other. Together we make a balm to heal disconnection and a salve to support belonging. Indrani’s teachers and mentors include Rev. angel Kyodo Williams Sensei, Miki Kashtan, Robin Wall Kimmerer, Tara Brach, Jack Kornfield, Heather Hackman and Kathy O’Bear.

Indrani has a B.A in Biology from Grinnell College in Iowa and a Masters in Ecology from
Cornell University in New York. She has lived in Kenya, India, South Africa and the United States. She currently lives in Rochester, NY with her two favourite canines and serves as the Director of Community Health Partnerships at the Center for Community Health and Prevention (Univ. of Rochester Medical Center) where she builds and supports partnerships between the community and researchers to ensure that the community’s needs and interests are fairly and equitably served by the University. For fun, Indrani can be found walking the pooches at Durand Eastman beach, reading, Afro-Latin dancing and enjoying home-cooked local found with friends.