Jyothsna Ponnuri

Jyothsna Ponnuri was born in India and moved to the United States in 1995. She has been living in Rochester with her husband and daughter since 1997. Jyothsna is a physician by profession and an Indian classical dancer by passion. She currently works as a geriatric physician at the Jewish Home of Rochester and cares for the residents undergoing rehabilitation in transitional care, as well as those in long term care with palliative care needs.

Jyothsna began her efforts as a volunteer in the Rochester community when she joined the Board of Trustees of the India Community Center. As a chairperson of the ICC in 2019, she learnt more about the Gandhi Institute during the Gandhi @150 celebrations. Jyothsna is very grateful to be a member of a wonderful team of Board of Directors and Staff at the M.K.G.I who are dedicated to non-violence education and more. She is looking forward to supporting the institute in any way she can.

Jyothsna has been dedicating her mornings with a meditation routine that helps her get through the day with more awareness and gratitude for life.