Before We March: Strategies for Powerful Social Change

Nonviolent action offers tools, strategies, and effective approaches for making change. In this 3-hr webinar, you’ll discover how to merge principles and strategy to create powerful nonviolent campaigns. Building on strategies used here in the US and globally, trainer Rivera Sun will walk participants through creating power analyses, and planning campaigns and strategies that fit specific goals, and adapting to changing circumstances, opportunities and opposition, and more. You’ll come away with ideas you’ll return to over and over as you work for environmental, racial, and economic justice, peace and social change. We’ll cover types of nonviolent action (over 200!), shifting people into supporting your cause, finding ways to leverage people-power into policy change, and other useful approaches. This webinar is for everyone from decades-long activists to newcomers to making change.

Participants will learn:
The 6 Steps of Kingian Nonviolence
Basics of Nonviolent Action
How to Design Effective Nonviolent Campaigns
Ways to Build Support Using Spectrum of Allies
An Understanding of How Power, Struggle, and Change Works

“This workshop is experiential, fascinating and is the most timely workshop we can offer at this time of upheaval and change.  Please join us and tell others. “-Kit Miller 
Presenter bio: Rivera Sun is a nationwide trainer in strategy for nonviolent campaigns. She offers trainings for many organizations, including the MK Gandhi Institute and Pace e Bene/Campaign Nonviolence. Rivera is the editor of Nonviolence News, the author of The Dandelion Insurrection and other novelsand serves on the Advisory Board for Backbone Campaign and World Beyond War. Her articles on movement strategy and nonviolence are syndicated by PeaceVoice and have been published in over 100 journals. www.riverasun.com

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