Book Group: World as Lover, World as Self

Join Kit Miller and friends for an exploration of this wise, timely book by Joanna Macy, for those of us who are overwhelmed at times about the state of our world-ecologically, socially, politically, or all of the above. We will practice a few of the experiential pieces from Macy’s decades of courageous work. 

This group will meet five times for 120 minutes sessions 6:30-8:30 pm EST / Dates: Nov 9, (skipping Nov 16) Nov 23, 30 and Dec 7 and 14. 

Limit of 24 participants.  Note: the text we will use is the new 30th anniversary edition. Please read this updated version. If anyone wishes to participate and cannot afford to purchase the book please email kit@gandhiinstitute.org

For those new to Macy’s work check out this recent video of an interview with her.