Book Group: From Conflict to Community (’23)

Join Bianca and Katie for a 5-week online exploration of From Conflict to Community- transforming conflicts without authorities written by our beloved co-director Gwen Olton.

We want to honor and celebrate this precious book by reading, exploring and getting creative with it in community. Gwen is offering many tools and pockets of wisdom in their work and we are excited to explore ways in which we can apply them in our own lives and communities.

“This book is for folks who want to do more to help with conflict but don’t have, or are not interested in getting, formal training in conflict transformation….we don’t need a special certification to practice peace and to help de-escalate challenging situations.” – Gwen Olton, From Conflict to Community

We will be meeting Thursdays starting May 11th from 5:30-7:00pm EST until June 8th and are looking forward to share this learning space with you!

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to: bianca@gandhiinstitute.org