Working through Tough Stuff

How many times have you said or heard the phrase “It’s been a tough day/week/month/year”? Many of us have been feeling depleted and low on resilience for many months. The traumas of the pandemic, violence in our communities and in the news, mounting environmental concerns, and many more issues seem to have compounded within us, leaving us struggling to figure out how to cope or if we even want to. While there are many tips for self-care out there, sometimes what we’re really longing for is just a space to process and be together. 

Join facilitators from the MK Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence and Creative Wellness Opportunities for a 3-session workshop series. In these sessions we’ll explore readings, podcasts, and art from a variety of sources and practice grounding and healing activities together to help us replenish, build community, and work with some of the tough stuff we’ve been facing.