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The M.K. Gandhi Institute, in partnership with the Center for Dispute Settlement and Partners in Restorative Initiatives, is delighted to announce the establishment of two Transforming Justice Fellowships. This is a 2-year commitment (June 2021 – June 2023) for Monroe County residents of all ages who identify as BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color). In addition to an annual budget of $1,000/year for learning-related expenses, participants will receive free access to training and events at all three agencies. Each will be assigned a BIPOC mentor to support their learning journey. Activities during the fellowship include participating in as many learning events as possible, meeting with mentors for support and accountability, and completing a final project of their choice to demonstrate learning.

The fellowship began August 2021 with a small meet & greet hosted at the Gandhi House. Check back in on this page and through social media to see the transformative work the fellows do!

What is Transformative Justice?

This fellowship is based on transformative justicean alternative framework for responding to harm and violence.  It is informally, a generations-old method of justice that uses community accountability, healing, and resilience education as its foundation. Transformative Justice does not lean on institutions like police, ICE, or the foster care system due to their historical reliance on using punitive and harmful measures as a form of social control. Because Transformative Justice can operate outside of these systems, the strategies are often innovative and responsive to the community itself.