Always More to Lose

No matter how bad you think your life is now remember there is always more to lose.  Some person, some security, some aspect of mental or physical health.

A pet, a tree, the reliability of weather.
A book, your favorite mug, scarf or child.
A friendship you thought couldn’t go away, or a dream.

This isn’t cruelty but kindness, a nudge to do that very hard thing of living from present  moment gratitude.  Everything that matters to us will dissolve, leave, die or break.


Those were words I wrote yesterday while flying to San Francisco, sad to be missing the wedding of two special women at home.  I landed to hear that fifty people had been killed in Orlando.

There is extra grief when people of oppressed backgrounds harm each other – this is a grievous burden for Latino communities, LBGT communities, and Muslim brothers and sisters to bear.

At a vigil last night for the shooting in San Francisco’s Castro neighborhood, LBGT speakers stressed the need not to let this occurrence excuse additional persecution of Muslim Americans.  It was beautiful to witness one persecuted population standing in solidarity with another, even in the midst of shock and grief.

by Kit Miller