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Gandhi Cards

After several years of teaching nonviolence to youth and adults, we created these cards to teach the principles and practices of nonviolence through the lens of Gandhi’s life. The cards include original photos from Gandhi’s life and the Indian Independence Movement on the front, and historical information, and interactive prompts on the back.

These cards are useful for middle school students through adults in:

Gandhi Cards in Action

University of Rochester students use Gandhi cards to teach each other about nonviolence.
Shanghai students with Gandhi cards
Gandhi Decks were distributed at the United Nations during their “Significance of Non-violence in Today’s World” event.
Youth with Gandhi cards in Istanbul
A Gandhi card overlooks the Bosphorus Strait in Turkey
Students in Shanghai translated Gandhi Decks into Chinese as part of an English language program. They learned nonviolence and developed linguistic skills in the process.

We love to receive stories and pictures of our Gandhi Cards in action. Have some to share? Email them to mkgi@gandhiinstitute.org.

Purchase Gandhi Cards

Gandhi Cards are $20.00 per deck. This includes shipping (mainland US) and a small donation to the Gandhi Institute. Buy them in our online store or in person at the Institute!

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