The stories that we hear and tell shape our reality. They help us to make sense of ourselves and others. The Nonviolence Now campaign is intended to introduce and share stories of nonviolence, and to ignite the potential of principled nonviolence globally.


This opportunity arose in January 2018 after the MK Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence won a four-week, global, digital media prize from the Newman’s Own Foundation and chose to dedicate the campaign to nonviolence. The prize is being administered by PVBLIC Foundation, a nonprofit media organization. A team of volunteers and staff created such an effective campaign that the prize was extended in July by PVBLIC to a full year campaign, starting on Mahatma Gandhi’s 149th birthday, October 2, 2018. All of the creative output is available via the Nonviolence Now website. We intend for people around the world to use these materials to creatively foster nonviolence in their own lives and communities.


Additional funding support for this effort to introduce the potential of peacemaking world-wide, will support an expansion of the campaign to include online and physical billboards, additional focused digital exposure, and press exposure. Funds invested in this campaign will be multiplied by a factor of five through pro bono media support courtesy of PVBLIC Foundation. 

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