Dear Friend,

It is my delight to share with you the MK Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence 2018 Annual Report and to ask for your support for these crucial efforts.

I hope it is a comfort to you, as it is to me, to read the myriad ways the staff and volunteers at the Gandhi Institute maximizes return on the resources we’ve received through a deep commitment to active, peaceful nonviolence. This has led to happier kids, more confident parents and teachers, and communities that can trust in their own wisdom as peacemakers.

Though our focus continues to be on those nearest to us, our local success has led to national recognition, and beyond. As we continue to nurture future change makers both in Rochester and the world, we invite you to consider contributing to our work. I think of my investment, small though it is, as a share in the kind of civil society I want to live in.

Please consider becoming a monthly donor, to create ease for your budget while making a regular, compounded impact through your gift:

  • $25/month funds a workshop or a visit to the Gandhi Institute for a class or
    youth group.

  • $50/month pays the cost of a monthly energy bill for Gandhi House.

  • $75/month will cover the stipend of one of our summer interns for four

Finally, I’d like to remind you how much your support matters. According to the most recent nationwide survey of Civility in America,“Three-quarters of Americans believe that incivility has risen to crisis levels, a rate that has significantly increased since January 2016.” With your help, we are modelling for our children that Americans can disagree while maintaining dignity, and connect across every kind of difference.

With gratitude,

Isobel Davies
Board President


2017-2018 Gandhi Institute at a Glance

  • Youth and Adult Training Attendees: 6,455
  • Student Help Zone Visits: 5,997
  • Total Budget: $464,210
  • Full time staff: 9
  • Volunteers: 100
  • Number of people turned away for lack of funds: 0


Words About Our Work

When I visited the Institute, I saw so many people from different communities in Rochester coming together, learning and exchanging meaning with others and then going back out to share ideas and skills–it’s so exciting. The physical transformation of the house and the beauty of the garden was inspiring. You have opened up a space of possibility that I feel really happy to support. So I’m upping my monthly support. This is precious work.

Marc Scruggs, monthly donor, San Francisco, CA

It is very important that inner city children have the opportunity to be a POSITIVE part of their community on a grassroots level. The individuals at the Institute understand this and they customized experiences that help children of all ages understand how to be valuable assets to their community. I am very grateful to have the Gandhi Institute and will continue to support them as they support the Rochester City School District.

Djinga King-St. Louis, Director of African & African American Studies, Executive Director CDF Freedom School, Rochester City School District

Every donation makes a difference — thank you for your consideration!