Dear Friend,

In this challenging time in which we bear witness to escalating fear, violence, and environmental crises, the work of the M.K. Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence has become increasingly critical.

If, like us, you believe that teaching and modeling peaceful tactics to resolve conflict provide our communities opportunities to build transformative relationships with one another…

If, like us, you believe that paying astute attention to the systemic ills as a root cause matters, and can widen our lens and strengthen our commitment to ending racism and unraveling the tendrils of disparity so that equity can thrive…

If, like us, you see nonviolence as an essential strategy towards sustainability on a resource-strained, hot planet at a critical tipping point, struggling with the consequences of war, mass incarceration, and consumerism…

If these issues challenge your heart and mind and move you to action… 

We ask you to join us and support the work that we are doing as generously as you are able.

At the Gandhi Institute, we are all in. We are working in our neighborhood, supporting youth in schools and organizations in the Rochester region, and collaborating hard with local community partners, while also fulfilling requests from around the country and world. To save resources this year, we chose not to include our most recent annual report and ask you instead to take a look at our website for that document. To provide independent verification of this work as a good investment, note that we have achieved Guidestar Gold Status. If you’re interested in hearing more, come visit us.

There is much to do to help our world be a peaceful, just world for all — our capacity to help is only constrained by the resources that we have to do the work. Please join with us by making as meaningful a gift as you can this year. We promise to use every penny thoughtfully and with attention to maximal impact. Thank you for your interest and support.


Kristin Hocker
Board President

 2018-2019 Gandhi Institute at a Glance

  • Youth and Adult Training Attendees: 6,092
  • Student Conversations: 6,132
  • Annual Budget: $531,800
  • Events: 171
  • Full time staff: 10
  • Number of people turned away for lack of funds: 0


Words About Our Work

When I visited the Institute, I saw so many people from different communities in Rochester coming together, learning and exchanging meaning with others and then going back out to share ideas and skills–it’s so exciting. The physical transformation of the house and the beauty of the garden was inspiring. You have opened up a space of possibility that I feel really happy to support. So I’m upping my monthly support. This is precious work.

Marc Scruggs, San Francisco, CA


Every donation makes a difference — thank you for your consideration!