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Supports our work behind the scenes


Funds time spent by staff offering phone support to students and teachers


Underwrites the time spent to plan online offerings to people worldwide


Provides a scholarship for a local youth to attend our annual nonviolence intensive

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What the Help Zone Means to Students and Staff at Enrico Fermi School 17

Teaching 2nd Graders about Solidarity and Well-Being at Charles T Lunsford School 19

A Quick Overview of the Gandhi Institute

Gandhi Institute at a Glance: 2019-2020

  • Youth and Adult Training Attendees: 3,823
  • Student Conversations: 8,055
  • Annual Budget: $524,000
  • Events: 142
  • Full time staff: 10
  • Number of people turned away for lack of funds: 0

Words About Our Work

“When I visited the Institute, I saw so many people from different communities in Rochester coming together, learning and exchanging meaning with others and then going back out to share ideas and skills–it’s so exciting. The physical transformation of the house and the beauty of the garden was inspiring. You have opened up a space of possibility that I feel really happy to support. So I’m upping my monthly support. This is precious work.”

– Marc Scruggs, San Francisco, CA