Annette Miller

Annette was born on the lower east side of Manhattan, graduating from Queens College of the City of New York with a B.A. in mathematics, leading her to employment as a computer programmer for NY Life Insurance Co. 1968-1979. In 1983, Annette developed products to reduce allergen exposure in the home and was founder and CEO of her company Allergy Control Products 1981-2000. Annette and her wife moved to Rochester, to be closer to family, and she began volunteering for several organizations: ESPA, Planned Parenthood and ImageOut. Annette was treasurer and board member of the League of Women Voters of Rochester 2010-2011; treasurer and board member of ImageOut 2012-2019; and secretary, financial liaison and grant making committee member of the LGBT+ Giving Circle/RACF. It was as a member of the grant making committee that she first learned of the mission and accomplishments of the Gandhi Institute. The goal of teaching skills to help youth and adults cope in a way that will build a more peaceful, respectful and interconnected society is a purpose for which Annette is pleased to contribute her time and energy.