Chyna Moorehead

Youth Educator

Chyna grew up in the city of Rochester, she graduated from Edison High
School and Monroe Community College with a Degree in Biology. Chyna
has worked in the mental health and social service field for five years
advocating for youth in Rochester and the surrounding areas. During this
time, Chyna became erudite in nonviolent communication and restorative
justice. She believes that education partnered with accessibility to
restorative practices has the ability to transform the education system.
Chyna is eager to combine her love of travel, reading, and creating to assist in building a flourishing learning community.

Blog posts by Chyna Moorehead

The OURgirls Movement

I recently started the teen girls empowerment group OURgirls at Rochester’s School No. 17 where I work everyday in the Gandhi Institute’s Help Zone. One of the reasons that I …