Special Event: Dr. Edwin Nichols

Dr. Nichols is the director of Nichols and Associates, Inc., with 50 years’ experience as a clinical / industrial (I/O) psychologist. Dr. Nichols is a global leader in the field of cultural competence, examining the essence of ethic difference: values (axiology), learning (epistomology), and reasoning (logic).

His work is foundational to a generation of researchers and thought leaders in the field of equity and inclusion, including the work of Dr. Joy DeGruy.

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Ticket price: $25

Seniors: $12

Students: free

Refreshments will be served

Special thanks to our event sponsors, Benderson Development, Five Star Bank &┬áPaul J. Burgett Intercultural Center – University of Rochester as well as One Community Fund


Proceeds benefit MK Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence