The Third Harmony Film Screening and Q&A

The Third Harmony tells the story of humanity’s greatest (and most overlooked) resource. This resource is nonviolence.

Join Gandhi Institute staff for a virtual screening of the Metta Center’s film, The Third Harmony. Following the screening, participants are invited to join a Q&A discussion with the film’s writer/director, Michael Nagler, and the Metta Center’s Executive Director, Stephanie Van Hook.

About the film:

The Third Harmony explores what nonviolence is, how it looks, and how it works. By interviewing nonviolence experts, activists, and practitioners around the world, the film shows how we can contribute to the growth of ourselves and society by tapping into the power of nonviolence.

The film is just one part of the Third Harmony Project. The other two parts are Michael Nagler’s book and the Metta Center’s board game called Cosmic Peaceforce: Mission Harmony 3.


Registration for this event is closed.