Walk for Peace

September 11th marks the anniversary of Gandhi‘s first act of nonviolence in 1906. Join us to remember both September 11ths as we walk from the Veteran‘s Memorial in Highland Park to the Gandhi Institute, approx 2.3 miles. While walking, we will learn about over 200 strategies available for nonviolent political change.

Walkers can park at Mary Cariola Center and will gather at 5:30 near the Veteran’s Memorial at Highland Park.

A representative from Veterans for Peace and the Gandhi Institute will start the walkers off with a few words of encouragement and instructions. Each walker will be assigned an aspect of strategic nonviolence to teach other walkers. A check list to hear about and discuss different aspects of nonviolent social and political change will be provided to encourage as many exchanges as possible along the way. (for more information on the source material, check out https://www.aeinstein.org/nonviolentaction/198-methods-of-nonviolent-action/)

The walking route will be a beautiful stroll through Highland Park, over to the U of R campus, across the pedestrian bridge and along the river trail to the Gandhi Institute.

At the Gandhi institute, walkers will be greeted by Arun Gandhi who will briefly talk about the other 9/11, 1906-when Gandhi and an interfaith group engaged in their first act of nonviolent political resistance in Johannesburg S Africa. A number of local groups utilizing strategic nonviolent tactics, such as Rochester People’s Climate Coalition, Citizen’s Action of New York, Moms Demand Action, and others will be on hand to engage with.

Water will be available along the way and a food truck (walkers pay) will be available at the end of the walk. A bus will provide transport back to Highland Park.