Our Mission is to help individuals and communities develop the inner resources and practical skills needed to achieve a nonviolent, sustainable, and just world.
Annual Individual Student Visits
Community Training Attendees

Development Meeting

Want to help ensure that nonviolence can be shared more broadly in our community, and beyond? Become a member of our development and fundraising group. Monthly meetings, soup provided. To …

Conflict in the Comments: 90 Minute Online Conversation

Relationships are being created, nourished and sometimes destroyed in online spaces. Are there ways to nourish authentic dialogue and conflict resolution when things get ‘hot’ online? How can we deal …

Holiday Talking Circle

Are the holidays challenging for you? Perhaps you feel stressed, discouraged, overwhelmed, or sad? For the 8th year, we’re hosting a space that welcomes holiday blues, grumpiness, and everything else! …

Our Gandhi & Nonviolence Cards are traveling the world, bringing Gandhi’s philosophy to life in meaningful, fun ways.