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Interviewing Dominic Barter

Perspectives on Peace: Transforming Tomorrow is the MK Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence’s podcast and we were lucky to welcome Dominic Barter for a conversation on Restorative Work! What follows is a fruitful and inspiring conversation.

In a world filled with conflict, the search for solutions is essential. Can you imagine a transformative solution? Well, our podcast’s guest, Dominic Barter, explains that there is a powerful solution: restorative practices, a concept described by Dominic Barter in this podcast episode. Dominic found his purpose in the Brazilian shantytowns, turning conflict into meaningful change through restorative circles one conversation at a time.

Restorative circles, as explained by Dominic, are a powerful way to transform conflict and build stronger communities. The practice begins with listening, a basic yet potent tool that helps to understand what’s happening and how it can lead to stronger relationships. By improvising and ensuring messages are correctly sent and received, conflict can be sorted out and transformed.

Dominic shares how his journey into restorative practices began in the shantytowns, listening to the stories of young people. Through these conversations, he discovered the transformative potential of listening and the importance of creating a dialogue within communities for meaningful conversations and change. The practice aims to transform conflict and create change.

As the discussion progresses, Dominic delves into the need for restorative practices to replace existing systems of oppression and injustice. The current justice system, which costs twice as much as education and fails to equip people with skills to transform their lives, is inadequate. By listening, Dominic realized the potential of restorative practices to break cycles of oppression.

Dominic also explains how restorative practices can address the need for a space to learn new ways of behaving, thus creating more community safety, stronger relationships, and healing from trauma. These practices can reduce levels of traumatic stress and channel conflict into something positive. They also highlight the importance of dialogue in building understanding.

In the final section of the podcast, Dominic emphasizes the importance of seeking wisdom from individuals and sharing stories to learn from. He also encourages listeners to trust their creativity and care for their communities, providing ways to contact him for further discussion. The podcast ends with a powerful call to action for listeners to actively involve themselves in effecting change through these practices.

The insights shared by Dominic Barter in this podcast episode are powerful reminders of the transformative potential of dialogue and restorative practices. As we navigate a world steeped in conflict, his experiences and knowledge offer valuable lessons on turning conflict into a chance for meaningful relationships, understanding, healing, and creating a just, equitable society.

Learn more about Dominic’s work: https://www.restorativecircles.org/
Contact Dominic: contatodominic@gmail.com

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