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Working For the Cause

We are recounting memories of and with Arun Gandhi, founder of M. K. Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence. Share you memory here. – This blog post is from Robert L. & Veronica Holmes


Through nonviolence work, we first met Arun & Sunanda in 1989, long before they moved their Institute here to Rochester. You could say they were a power couple —both of them using the power of love and dedication to rescue and uplift others and to teach about nonviolence. Later in Rochester, even after the death of his beloved Sunanda in 2007, Arun somehow kept going. There were other great challenges, too. Arun’s work was never easy, especially the travel as he aged, but he remained steadfast to the end of his life.

We will miss Arun terribly. From our long talks, to joyful events with his loving family, to his amusing world travel tales, Indian meals galore, and much more—–we were blessed with his friendship all these years.

This February, right before Arun left for India, he inscribed to us a copy of the new edition of his biography of his grandmother Kasturba Gandhi. He also showed us the preview copy of his third children’s book coming out soon! It was just like him to be nearly 89, on supplemental oxygen, and still working for the cause!

Arun’s life’s work continues even beyond his lifetime. The seeds he planted worldwide will blossom on for untold generations in surprising places and unknowable ways.

❤️Rest in Eternal Peace, Dear Friend Arun…
Robert L. & Veronica Holmes

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