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Our Pillars

Restorative Practices

We practice and preach culturally informed restorative practices that are a hallmark of Gandhian and Kingian nonviolence as well as many Indigenous cultures worldwide. These restorative practices save money, reduce trauma, and are often more effective than our current justice system.


We enact the connection that Gandhi saw between nonviolence and sustainability by growing our community garden for and with neighbors, by making conscientious purchasing and financial policies, and by keeping vegetarian at the Gandhi House.

Racial Justice

We work to recognize, interrupt, and undo racism–a systemic form of dehumanization embedded in U.S. economic and social systems–in order to stop violence at its root. We enact anti-racist practice in our staff and board as well as in our work and community engagements.

Nonviolence Education

We teach the critical skills of nonviolence by serving youth ages 12-24 through school programs and adults through workshops, presentations, and book groups. We also spread nonviolence through our “Gandhi and Nonviolence” cards and our Nonviolence Now media project, in partnership with Nonviolence News.

Student Conversations
Events & Workshops
Families Connected to the Garden
Youth & Adults Trained

Event Series Garden Work Party

Garden Work Parties

M.K. Gandhi Institute 929 S Plymouth Ave, Rochester, NY 14608, USA, Rochester, NY, United States

Volunteer in the Gandhi community garden!   Drop by our community garden any time between 1:00 and 3:00 pm on Saturdays to help us plant, tend, and harvest food and […]