The M.K. Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence is excited to embark on its third year of our youth employment program in partnership with the Rochester City School District for summer 2018. The Summer Youth Facilitation Institute (SYFI) prepares students to be peace builders in local schools and community organizations. The selected high school students are given paid apprenticeships at the Institute, where they are trained in facilitation, conflict transformation, and social justice. The goal of the program is to build a cadre of young people who can be employed to model and utilize nonviolence and serve as inspirational role models for younger students.

We are especially grateful for the Foundation for the Future, Fenwick Foundation, and the Rochester City School District for sharing their resources to make this program possible.

2018 Summer Youth Facilitation Team:

Lavountae Anderson

Lavountae likes football and hockey. He is an active person in the community. He attends Vanguard Collegiate High School, which is located on the Franklin Campus off Hudson and Norton. He is involved in the football program at Leadership Academy for Young Men. He is the quarterback and second-string middle linebacker. He works at the Gandhi Institute to improve his learning skills and his leadership skills. He agrees with the way Gandhi handled violence with nonviolence.

Quintorie Broomfield

Quintorie is 20 years old; he is also a part of the summer youth facilitation institute (SYFI) Quintorie graduated from North east college prep high school in 2016. Something Quintorie is trying to learn is new ways to incorporate the non-violence ways into his lifestyle also his community, he believes it’s important to plant seeds of the non-violent ways in the community. Quintorie is also looking forward to getting an opportunity to connect with his coworkers while they work as a team in the garden and learn new ways of life.

Shanell Bryant

Shanell Bryant is a 17 year old senior at James Monroe High School and a third year returning SYFI staff. She is very well know at her school for her bright personality and being a mini mediator for her peers. She is known for being a very hard worker — being a youth facilitator is one of her three jobs.  A few things Shanell has learned over these past summers are how to use nonviolence to get what you want out of a violent situation by analyzing the moment and understanding both sides by trying to help them understand why they feel the way they do. She also learned how to take control and get the attention of younger youth and teach them the in’s and out’s of nonviolence.

Mohamed Koko

As this being his first year as part of SYFI at the Institute Mohamed is very excited for what this summer has for him. It’s such a great opportunity that he’s gotten to be a facilitator here at the Institute. This Summer Mohamed wants to work on developing his leadership skills so he can become a better leader/ facilitator. Mohamed believes that developing those skills and learning more will help him in a lot of circumstances. Also, it will improve and change his point of view on certain things around him. Mohamed is very happy to be part of this institute and part of something very great and positive that will help a lot of people.

Erika Suarez

Erika is more than excited for her third summer back at the Gandhi Institute and to be here to learn and teach with the kid’s again. Erika spends her mornings in the garden and her afternoons at the Harambee Summer Literacy Program. Also, when Harambee is over, she will be doing workshops and events over at the Institute. Facilitating large groups is one of Erika’s favorite activities with the rest of the SYFI staff. Here at the Gandhi House we are one big true family. Don’t be afraid yo stop by and say hi or stop by our lovely garden and pick a vegetable!